4 Key Things To Tell Your Divorce Attorney

11 September 2015
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If you hope to get a generous compensation during your divorce trial, it's important that your divorce attorney thoroughly understands who you are. You wouldn't want the other party to bring up evidence or situations that will put you on the spot and make your case look bad. Here are some things that you should always tell your divorce lawyer on the first consultation.

Your Relationship with Mutual Friends

Your mutual friends may want to stay out of your divorce, but if you have some friends that you think would testify against you, it's important to bring this up to your lawyer. Mention any friends who you notice have lost contact with you during the divorce process; these are the friends who may have chosen your spouse's side and might be willing to bring up some dirt during your trial. Brainstorm any times where these shaky friends have seen you damage your relationship or do something unsavory.

Any Criminal Records

If you or your spouse has a criminal record, this will likely come up in your trial. You can use your spouse's criminal record to support your own case, while you may need a lawyer to divert attention away from your own misdemeanors.

Involvement with Child Protective Services

If you have had any past involvement with Child Protective Services and still hope to gain custody of your children in the divorce case, now is the time to do some damage control. With your lawyer's help, take note of any charges against you and do double duty to show that your ways have changed.

Your Worst Traits

Although having a bad trait is not going to be a cause for divorce in the eyes of your judge, your worst personality traits could sway a judge against you if they come out in court. If you have a nasty temper or you get overly defensive about a certain topic, tell your lawyer in advance so that they can coach you on how to steer away from subjects that will bring out the worst in you.

Nobody is perfect, but there are certain damaging areas where your spouse could try to bring out the worst in you during the trial. If your divorce attorney knows about these areas ahead of time, your lawyer can help you build a better defense that includes avoiding sticky subjects and minimizing negative traits. Contact a divorce lawyer in your area today.