Fathers – How To Get Joint Custody In The Divorce

18 April 2018
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It is no secret that a divorce hurts the children. This dissolution can be very volatile. Couples tend to fight about money, infidelities, businesses and real estate. However, custody is one of the major issues when getting a divorce. If you are the father in the marriage, then you may think your rights are limited. Read on to find out how to get joint custody in a divorce.

Make Them Realize The Importance Of The Father Role

A father plays a big role in his child's life. It is important for fathers to spend time with their children. It is common for the court system to side with mother and grant them full custody. Children are more likely to stay with the mother during the divorce as well. If you want more time, then you have to request more time with your children. It starts with learning how to use the legal system.

However, fathers should not make the mistake of going back and forth with the mother on custody. It can lead to conflict. You should talk to your lawyer and use the court system.

File A Joint Custody Agreement

If you want to spend more time with your children, then you can start with a joint custody agreement. Some fathers are hesitant to take this step because of not having money for a lawyer. You do not need a divorce lawyer to file the agreement, but you can benefit from one.

Show That You Are A Fit Parent

Fathers who want joint custody have to show they are fit parents. Proving you fit means providing a stable environment and making decisions for your child. Your judge also considers who has primary child custody, the parent-child bond and your relationship with the other parent. It helps to be able to provide for your child as well financially.

Schedule A Custody Hearing

You have to file a petition for custody and schedule your custody hearing. A court date is given to you, and your spouse and both parties must come to this hearing. The judge who presides over the case will hear both sides. After hearing testimony and looking at documents, your judge will make a decision about custody.

You should hire a divorce attorney as soon as you file for a divorce. Your lawyer can help you prepare for court.  He or she can act as the negotiator between you and your spouse. Obtaining joint custody allows you to make decisions about your child's health, education, and welfare.

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