Social Media Butterfly: How Online Posts Affect Your Divorce

29 April 2019
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While many have heard the speeches about social media use when you have a pending personal injury or criminal lawsuit, few think about the effect that their social media and other online activity can have on a pending divorce case. Whether you're in the midst of divorce already or just thinking about filing, here are some things that you need to know about how your online presence can affect that divorce proceeding.

Pictures And Posts Can Be Evidence

Anything that you post online, whether on your social media accounts or elsewhere, can be used as evidence against you in your divorce hearing. Whether pictures, posts, or even just the posts and links you like, this information can be proof of questionable behavior or even evidence of adultery.

Things like pictures of you at a party can call your behavior into question. Pictures with a drink in your hand or posts about drinking can be evidence of alcohol-related problems, if those types of problems are the reason for your divorce.

Private Isn't Protected

You might think that you can post anything that you want to your social media profiles and online accounts if they have privacy settings that keep those posts visible only to those connected with you on the account. That allows you to regulate who sees them.

However, those privacy settings aren't always protection. Not only can those who see the posts screenshot and share them, but your soon-to-be-ex can petition the court to disclose passwords to those accounts if they have justification.

Deleting Is Tampering

If you receive a petition to turn over passwords to certain online accounts, your first instinct might be to go through those accounts and purge them of anything potentially damning. Unfortunately, doing this after the petition is issued can leave you facing charges of tampering with evidence.

Your safest route is to not post anything that could be seen as questionable. If you've already posted or shared some things that could reflect poorly, you should not delete it. Doing so could leave you facing other charges and potentially losing out on any favorable settlement in your divorce.

No matter what stage of the divorce process you are in, it is essential that you are mindful of what you put out there. Be selective about the information that you share online both before and during your divorce case. Reach out to divorce attorney services as soon as possible to resolve any questions you might have.