Divorcing? Why Online Mediation Is Much Better Than Traditional Litigation

12 April 2022
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Getting a divorce is actually one of the hardest decisions anyone can make. From being prepared for the divorce process to handling a lot of paperwork, the entire process can be overwhelming. The courtroom litigation could also be time-consuming and costly for you. However, online mediation is a friendlier option, so you should consider it when going through a divorce. Most spouses choose online divorce mediation because it helps them reach settlement terms without engaging in an ugly process. Usually, online mediation is much better than the traditional litigation process for the following reasons.

The Process Is Less Complex and Expensive

Divorce proceedings cost the spouses a fair amount of money. If you are battling a divorce case in court, you will likely spend more than someone doing it through online mediation. This happens because you will pay the attorney for their time in the courtroom and also incur other legal expenses. However, online mediation is less expensive because the process is more streamlined and with a shorter time frame. It's also a less complex process because discussions are broken down into manageable sessions. The integrated technology also makes it easier to navigate the process more efficiently.

The Process Easily Alleviates Negative Emotions

Divorce can be highly emotional. Most spouses feel sad about everything when divorcing. In fact, they even feel angry and hurt, and some even look for ways to get revenge. Most of them can't control their emotions when they physically meet each other in the courtroom. However, this doesn't happen when you choose online mediation because it helps alleviate these negative emotions. Even if you may be tempted to get emotional, it's easier to manage your emotions now that you aren't meeting physically or in the same room.

The Process Is More Convenient

Although you want to get a divorce, you might be too busy for the divorce process. This doesn't mean it should be hard for you to get a divorce. You just need to look for a more convenient option like online mediation. This option makes it easier for you to meet with your respective attorneys, spouse, and mediator from anywhere. You don't actually need to travel to another location or attend courtroom sessions to initiate the process. Online mediation is a more convenient option because you can have virtual sessions even when on vacation, provided you can access an internet connection. However, a quiet environment or space and dedicated time are necessary for successful meetings.

For more information on online divorce mediation, speak with your attorney.