Is It Possible To Avoid Getting A Harsh Judgment If Someone Sues You For Assaulting Them? Find Out

15 December 2022
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Many criminal offenders get harsh judgments when they appear in court. Nonetheless, there are instances where suspects avoid hefty fines and prison sentences. This can happen when they hire legal advisors to represent them. Therefore, if someone sues you for assault, you may want to enlist the services of a legal advisor to represent you in your case. They will determine ways to fight your charges with the aim of helping you avoid getting a punishment that may affect your life in the long term. For instance, your attorney may raise the following arguments to demonstrate that you did nothing wrong and help you avoid a harsh judgment:

Your Life Was in Danger

Your legal advisor may argue that you injured the defendant while defending yourself. However, for this defense to succeed, the court will require you to prove that you had to hit the plaintiff to save your life. In such a case, your lawyer may get people who saw the incident to testify and explain that you really were not the aggressor. They may even tell the court that they heard the complainant threatening that they would hurt you.

Moreover, the witnesses can clarify that you did not threaten the complainant and only acted when they attacked you. They may also tell the court that you would not have managed to get out of the situation if you hadn't used force. This will show that you did not intend to hurt the complainant, which may convince the judge to dismiss the charges.

You Could Not Have Committed the Alleged Crime

Law enforcers have a number of ways to identify and arrest criminal suspects. But unfortunately, they sometimes make mistakes and arrest the wrong person. This may happen because someone makes a false allegation, and the police then arrest the alleged offender on the grounds that they are guilty. Such an occurrence can make you face severe consequences for a crime you have not committed. As such, consider hiring a legal advisor to help demonstrate that the allegations the complainant has leveled against you are false.

You Were Protecting Property or Another Person

You may get a lenient judgment if your lawyer proves that you hurt the complainant while defending your loved one or property. They can establish this by presenting information to show that there was a real threat to property or someone else's life. Accordingly, you had to use force to prevent harm. Again, this will prove that the complainant was the wrongdoer, which can help get you a less severe punishment.

A practical step towards beating your assault charges is to hire a criminal law attorney to represent you in your case. They will gather actionable information and prepare a solid defense to show that you did not commit a crime.

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