Play Your Part To Help Move The Divorce Forward Faster

5 May 2023
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Marriages may be long, but for many people, the goal is for a divorce to be as short as possible. For some people, this goal is met, and for others, it can feel like the process will drag on forever. Although you are only one party in the divorce process, there are some things you can do to help move along the process as quickly as possible. 

Warn Your Spouse

One of the easiest ways to prolong the length of a divorce is to file secretly. Sometimes, notifying your spouse of your plans might not be ideal, but for many people, it is best, to begin with a conversation. Notifying your spouse is not to allow them to change your mind but to allow them to process your decision.

If you warn your ex and then file, you will likely give them time to work through the issue and understand that you are definite in your decision. Once your spouse understands, you are sure they have no choice but to move forward. 

Hire an Attorney

Hiring an attorney can also help move your divorce along more swiftly. For many people, having a conversation with their spouse leads to amicability, but again, the opposite is true for some people. An attorney will help ensure that your case meets all the necessary deadlines and that your ex is not simply slowing down the process because they can. 

Hiring an attorney also helps move the process forward by removing the emotional element. When both parties of the marriage try to communicate with one another, it is easy for emotions to take over. An attorney will remain neutral.

Present the Facts

Although some people attempt to do so, it is essentially impossible to try and hide your assets, and it is also illegal. Once you decide to divorce, it is a good idea to start collecting your financial records, including your earnings information and your assets. 

This documentation will be vital if you plan to receive alimony or suspect you will have to pay it. Regarding assets, even if they are not jointly owned, a judge will likely want to review them to see if your ex is due any portion. The sooner you present this information, the sooner a judge can review it, and the sooner a settlement can be reached. 

While the goal is to complete this process as soon as possible, rest assured that your attorney is moving the case along as fast as possible while protecting your interest. 

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