How A Lawyer Can Help You With Your High Asset Divorce

31 July 2023
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If you are about to go through a divorce and you and your spouse have a significant number of assets, you likely already know this is could turn into a long and complicated process. If you want to make sure you can protect your share of the assets as best as possible, you will want to start looking into local divorce lawyers with expertise in this area. Here's how hiring the right attorney can help you protect a significant amount of assets in a high-profile divorce.

Protect Your Privacy

If one or both parties in a divorce have a large amount of assets to their names, it's possible that one or both parties also have a high profile in the public eye. If you would like your divorce to stay under wraps as much as possible in order to protect your privacy as a family, an attorney can help you do this. A good divorce attorney knows the proper way to proceed in order to help your high asset divorce maintain a low profile in public.

Keep Tax Considerations in Mind

High asset divorces can come with significant tax considerations. You may also want to hire an accountant or tax expert to get through this but an attorney can also work to make sure any agreements keep tax considerations in mind. If you will already be losing some assets to your spouse, it's best that you do what you can to make sure Uncle Sam doesn't take even more away from you. Your attorney can help structure any agreement to keep as many assets as possible in your hands instead of having to give it away to the government.

Assistance With Complex Documentation

A high asset divorce likely has quite a few financial statements to look over. Your divorce attorney can help you gather all of the documentation that you might need for the task at hand. They can also present this information to the court in a way that may help to ensure a fair distribution of all assets between both sides.

Negotiate Spousal Support

High asset divorces sometimes result in one party having to pay significant spousal support or alimony to the other side. If you are the one in this position, your attorney will work to negotiate the spousal support you pay to an amount that is fair for both sides.

Unwind Complex Business Partnerships

If you and your partner were part of the family business together or have other significant financial partnerships, your attorney can work to unwind a complex partnership so that you can retain your fair share of the business.

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