Is Collaborative Divorce An Option For You?

5 October 2018
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Divorce is sadly a common situation for many families. To make the process less painful and frustrating, it is helpful to avoid a long divorce held in a traditional divorce court. If you and your spouse can work together, you could opt for a collaborative divorce. The following is some information about collaborative divorce and whether or not it could be an option for you: What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce involves you and your spouse negotiating the terms of your divorce to come to a mutual agreement. Read More 

An Overview Of The Three Common Forms Of Marital Separations

24 August 2018
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If you are thinking of separating from your partner, you should think carefully and decide on the type of separation you want. This is because the law recognizes various forms of marital separation, and they each will have unique consequences for you. Here are the three major forms of marital separation: Trial Separation A trial separation is when you and your partner agree to spend some time apart. It is mostly used by couples who are thinking of divorcing but haven't made up their minds. Read More 

Do These Five Things If You Think You Have A Medical Malpractice Case

28 June 2018
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Although you are entitled to compensation if you have been injured by a medical officer's negligence, how you conduct your affairs after your injury will determine how easy it is to get this compensation. Here are a few measures you should take to simplify your medical malpractice case: Get Treatment The first step, which may seem obvious to many people, is to get medical care to salvage the situation by taking care of the injuries emanating from the medical malpractice case. Read More 

Fathers – How To Get Joint Custody In The Divorce

18 April 2018
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It is no secret that a divorce hurts the children. This dissolution can be very volatile. Couples tend to fight about money, infidelities, businesses and real estate. However, custody is one of the major issues when getting a divorce. If you are the father in the marriage, then you may think your rights are limited. Read on to find out how to get joint custody in a divorce. Make Them Realize The Importance Of The Father Role Read More 

Were You Warned? Understanding The Miranda Warning

12 January 2018
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The Miranda Warning is likely familiar to most; it's read to people who are being placed under arrest. This warning is meant to "warn" suspects that they need not speak to law enforcement without having council present. When you hear the words "You have the right to remain silent," you are hearing the opening sentence of the warning. To learn more about your rights against self-incrimination when you are arrested, and in other, murkier situations, read on. Read More